Willingham Gardening Club

Hello all Willingham gardening enthusiasts.

Bearing in mind that the village Horticulture and Craft Show has had to be cancelled  this year, how about sharing all your gardening triumphs and failures with us with a view to a harvest flourish finale in September and October?  We would love to hear from you all, especially our young  budding gardeners.

You can email articles, anecdotes and photos to willinghamnews@gmail.com and your photos will be published in colour! It would be great to hear from some of the children in the village too with stories and pictures. We look forward to seeing photos of your best flowers and vegetables; what’s happening in your garden or allotment, and anything the children are doing, be it just growing something on a window sill in a plastic supermarket container.

For starters here are some photographs of a yellow Callistemon (bottlebrush) shrub, not often seen as they are usually red or orange/red. 

One of our Gardening Club members is quite chuffed because this is maybe only the second year it has come into serious flower. The shrub was acquired about eleven years ago from a botanic garden in Scotland on one of her excursions around the country. Initially it was not well placed, facing north against a fence, but over the years it grew taller, and over the last few years has grown above the fence into the sun where it had steadily made more flower year on year. This year being its best so far. The bottlebrush plant originates from Australia and is a semi hardy shrub in this country which flowers May to July, depending on the weather.  



Yellow Callistemon (bottlebrush)