Willingham Community Orchard woodland ‘Adopt a Tree’

The creation of the Willingham Community Orchard and QEII tree planting was, in part, funded through local community sponsorship of the fruit trees in the orchard and the trees in the QEII Field. This scheme proved to be very popular but, with a finite number of trees available some potential sponsors were left disappointed.

The unsponsored woodland trees planted in the Community Orchard, have since made good growth, so WAG would like to offer residents a fresh opportunity to select and ‘Adopt a Tree’ with a donation of £20.

Your donation would purchase a label for your tree with a personalised dedication, but it would also contribute towards future developments of the Community Orchard. One idea we have is to mass plant bluebells in the woodland area.

So why not take a wander round the Community Orchard and select a woodland tree to adopt, or, if you prefer, we can select a tree for you? If you are not familiar with the location it is on the Earith Road, RHS, at the de-limit sign.

If you wish to adopt a woodland tree in the Community Orchard please contact Andrew and Amanda Harris at apharris54@gmail.com or telephone 07759276527 for further information.

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Mike Tidball
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