Willingham Running Group

There are running sessions held every Tuesday evening from 6:45pm at the Willingham Recreation Ground. These are lead by HI Runners, an Affiliated England Athletics Club, using qualified Run Leaders and takes the form of interval sessions. They are suitable for all levels of runners, even beginners, as we work on building running fitness and endurance. Sessions last about 45mins to an hour, including warm up, cool down, and stretching.

For further details contact Sessions – HI Runners (hi-runners.co.uk)

From Willingham Gardening Club

On Monday 6th June, the Willingham Gardening Club held its first in-person meeting since March. Encouragingly, attendance was high, with a mix of returning members and new faces. This meeting signified the official beginning of the next chapter for the Gardening Club, as a new club committee was successfully elected by attendees. As such, the new committee would like to take a moment to thank the previous committee for their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm in maintaining the spirit of the Gardening Club throughout the years.

Following the meeting formalities, attendees then spent time discussing the future direction of the Gardening Club. This provided a fantastic opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions on the upcoming activities the Gardening Club will undertake, ranging from talks from local experts to hands-on horticultural tutorials.

We hope you can join us for our next meeting on Monday 4th July at Willingham Social Club from 19:00, where we will be welcoming guest speaker Wendy Jones from The Bushel Box Farm Shop who will give a talk entitled ‘Nine decades of a family fruit farm’. As club membership fees are not yet being taken, there will be an ‘on-the-door’ fee of £3 per person.

The meeting concluded with a free plant, seed and produce swap, provided by many of the attendees who had been very generous and brought something to swap!

If you have any questions about the Club, please do not hesitate to get in touch with committee via email at: willinghamgardeningclub@gmail.com.

Willingham Community Orchard woodland ‘Adopt a Tree’

The creation of the Willingham Community Orchard and QEII tree planting was, in part, funded through local community sponsorship of the fruit trees in the orchard and the trees in the QEII Field. This scheme proved to be very popular but, with a finite number of trees available some potential sponsors were left disappointed.

The unsponsored woodland trees planted in the Community Orchard, have since made good growth, so WAG would like to offer residents a fresh opportunity to select and ‘Adopt a Tree’ with a donation of £20.

Your donation would purchase a label for your tree with a personalised dedication, but it would also contribute towards future developments of the Community Orchard. One idea we have is to mass plant bluebells in the woodland area.

So why not take a wander round the Community Orchard and select a woodland tree to adopt, or, if you prefer, we can select a tree for you? If you are not familiar with the location it is on the Earith Road, RHS, at the de-limit sign.

If you wish to adopt a woodland tree in the Community Orchard please contact Andrew and Amanda Harris at apharris54@gmail.com or telephone 07759276527 for further information.

Willingham Action Group

Community Plan

Please make sure you have completed this! It’s to look at the needs of your village over the next decade or more based on what you the residents want. It can be completed online – just click on the ‘It’s time to have your say’ heading on this page. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can complete a paper version and details of how to get one are under the ‘It’s time to have your say’ heading as well.

For Squash Players, past, present and future

To those who have played squash in the past, those who are playing now and those who would like to try it out. The squash club at Swavesey (by the Village College) has been refurbished to a high standard with thanks to Ali Loke, World Squash ranking 74.

The club runs leagues, men’s and women’s teams, competitions, social events and group or private training sessions offered by Ali. New members are always welcome at this friendly, lively club and they offer free taster sessions.

For more details visit the website https://www.swaveseysquash.com/ or contact Ali Loke ali@alilokesquash.com

Good programmes on Sustainability

Just click on any of the links below…

Sir David Attenborough makes stark warning about species extinction


NASA: Antarctica Melts Under Its Hottest Days on Record

Boris Johnson to unveil plan to power all UK homes with wind by 2030


Post – Bee Swarms

If you have, or know of, a swarm of bees that may cause problems the Willingham Bee Group will be happy to collect and remove swarms.
Please phone Steve on  07795 215071 for help.  This applies to Willingham and other nearby villages. There is no charge but if you wish to make a donation it will be gratefully accepted. For villages further afield please contact the CBKA website for help.

Beware of Scams

Please be aware that during this difficult time scammers can be even more active. The scams involve offers of money from the Government to help you, asking for donations to help fight the virus, offers to buy protective equipment, and much more. Please be very wary about communications you receive that are related to the current epidemic as thieves are using it as an excuse. Always check the authenticity of everything before you give your money.


WAG Needs Volunteers

Willingham Action Group has instigated many improvements to our village life. Working with the Parish Council we helped with purchase and design of the play equipment by the Ploughman Hall. WAG volunteers planted 1300 trees around the village and in the Community Orchard. In the past we have organised litter picking, started several social groups and each year we coordinate the Feast events. These things are just a small sample of all we do but we want to do more and for that we need more volunteers. As a volunteer you might give a few hours once a year running the bar at the Fen Gallop, alternatively you could join our Environment Group and spend many hours helping maintain the orchard – the fruit is free! It’s your choice as to how much you do, and when. 
Our volunteers become great friends and we have our own WAG social lives. If you want to join us or want more information please contact us here