British School Trust

The Willingham British School Trust is a charity which exists for the purpose of providing financial support for the education and training of the young people of Willingham. The Trust is registered with the Charity Commissioners and its registered number is 311393.

The British School Trust, as it was then known, was created by deed on 22 September 1856 and for many years owned the old school and head teacher’s house in Fen End. Under a scheme introduced by The Board of Education in 1911, the trustees were allowed to let the school to the Local Education Authority for an annual rental not exceeding 5 shillings, or 25p in today’s currency.
When the primary school moved to its current site in Thodays Close, the Trust sold the buildings, invested the proceeds, and the income generated is now used to fund donations and grants to support the young people of Willingham. For more information on the history of education in Willingham see [link to section 1.4 of the history section].
Applications for Grants can currently be made by individuals, schools and other organisations; and are broadly available to support academic, vocational and social education for those of normal school or university age, and for those of the same age taking an apprenticeship. The Trustees are undertaking a review to update its governing documents, following which it is planned to publish guidance for potential applicants on those activities which the Trust is able to support.

To apply for a grant, please write a letter giving your personal details (name, age and address), your connection to the village of Willingham, and the purpose of the grant for which you are applying. The Trustees meet three times a year, currently in October, January and April, and grant applications can only be heard at these meetings. Please remember that funds are limited, but if we are able to make you a grant, we ask you to acknowledge receipt promptly.

For any general enquiries please call Mrs Lynda Blunt on 01954 261309. Applications should be sent to The Trustees of the Willingham British School Trust, Lynda Blunt, 34 High Street, Willingham Cambs CB24 5ES