Magpas, the Emergency Medical Charity

We are well represented by a dedicated team of First Responders in Willingham. They are called into action by the emergency services when this is deemed appropriate, so there are no direct numbers to call, other than 999.

Magpas Community First Responders are ordinary members of the public who volunteer to do something extraordinary. They give up their time to be trained, equipped and co-ordinated by the charity so they can attend serious medical emergencies in their local towns and villages. The scheme is a great help to the Ambulance service in a largely rural area like ours because they can get to the scene so quickly.

Magpas currently has 33 groups across Cambridgeshire and the number is growing all the time.

The members of each group take it in turns to be on call and, if there is a local emergency, they are alerted by the Ambulance Control Centre at the same time as an ambulance. They can be on the scene within minutes and are trained to give advanced first aid.

The kinds of emergencies they attend are cardiac arrests or patients who are choking etc.

In the UK the average survival rate for people who suffer out of hospital cardiac arrests is just 3 – 5%. In Cambridgeshire, thanks to the Magpas Community First Responders working closely with the Ambulance Trust, the survival rate is between 21 and 23% - an incredible statistic.