What's happening at Cottenham Village College (CVC) ?

Primary Week takes place in July each year; there is now an increased involvement of older students (year 10) in assisting with the week, guiding and supporting the primary children. This year we have introduced “bus buddies”: year 10 students who are entrusted to specifically look after year 6 children on the school buses.

Throughout the year events are held for year 6 and younger children from our partner primary schools, eg maths quizzes and technology challenges, sports and musical events.

We have increased the range of modern languages offered to students; French, German and Spanish are now all taught at both Key Stage 3 and 4. Chinese taster sessions for year 10 students take place each year.

Student exchanges to Germany have taken place for many years; exchanges to France and Spain are planned for the future. A successful student exchange with Nalanda College in Sri Lanka is now into its fourth year.

Latin has been introduced into year 7 and at GCSE.

Key Stage 4 curriculum (judged outstanding by Ofsted) includes the widest ever range of academic and vocational courses. Newer popular subjects include dance, catering and Latin and reflect the comprehensive nature of our student intake.

Physics ,chemistry and biology are all offered at Key Stage Four, leading to the award of iGCSE.

Activities aimed at more able students include the mock trial competition, News day, Dragons’ Den and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) challenges. There are also regular visits to universities and colleges eg University of Cambridge master classes.

All students take part in the national mathematics challenge every year. This year two students have participated at an international level.

Our new sixth form opens in September, initially offering vocational courses; plans to teach at level 3 (eg A level) are currently under discussion.

Year 7 students enter The Times Spelling Bee competition.

Extra-curricular opportunities for catering and cooking take place regularly for all year groups, eg Masterchef, and meals prepared for and served to community groups.

There are regular drama performances, whole school productions and concerts throughout the year. “Our House” was performed to full houses on three nights in March. Previous productions have included Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story.

We have an active arts manager who leads and coordinates art, drama, dance and music events in and out of school time. There are annual exhibitions of students’ art and design technology work.

Activities week in July each year offers a wide choice of residential and non-residential visits in the UK and abroad. Curriculum trips take place each year to Boulogne (year 7), The Somme (year 9) and Berlin (year 10). There are also visits for all years in science, English and other subjects.

Nearly fifty year 9 students complete The Duke of Edinburgh’s bronze award each year; the silver award is also offered to year 10.

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