Community Cohesion Artwork Unveiled

A special ceremony was held this weekend to unveil a piece of artwork created by children of travellers and those resident in Willingham.

The young people have been working on the community art project for three months.
A group from the nearby Meadow Road traveller site have created graffiti art depicting images and words that reflect their life and interests. 

And the youth group from Willingham’s Connections Bus also made their own graffiti display. Now, the two pieces of art have been combined, depicting the aspirations of the young people of the village and the community. 

The 20 or so children worked with professional graffiti artist Libby Morley and youth workers to learn the skills of graffiti art and create the final version. 

The resultant mural – funded by Cambridgeshire County Council, Artsmash and the Connections Bus Project – was unveiled at a special ceremony at 5pm on Friday 17 June at the Ploughman’s Hall in Willingham, attended by County Councillor Shona Johnstone, members of the Parish Council and Willingham Action Group, and CVC Deputy Head Mr. Marshall, to name just a few. The youth coordinators present were Project Manager Alan Webb, Area Inclusion Youth Worker Imogen Byers and Youth Development Worker Sam Crump.

Some pictures from the ceremony - click to enlarge.
Mural Centre
 Andrew Cook WPC, Shona Johnstone CCC, Graham Mumby WAG Chris Cross, mural erector

Helen Foster - full of praise for the mural Imogen Byers, Area Inclusion Youth Worker
Left edge (Local Youth)
 Some of the artists - EJ, VH, CT, LB, JB, AS

 Right edge (Travellers)

And now the same team are aiming to implement similar community cohesion projects in 10 further villages, starting with Cottenham and the Smithy Fen travellers.
by Simon Cobby (additional reporting Paul Knighton)

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