Gallery, Extras and Corrections

In this section we will be including colour or higher resolution versions of some of the photos included in the current issue of Willingham News magazine. From time to time we may also include items which had to be left out of the magazine due to lack of space. This page will also have any corrections to errors in the magazine not spotted before printing.

October 2020

Virtual Horticulture and Craft Show 2020

As we are all only too aware, Covid-19 restrictions have forced the cancellation of our annual village community events including September’s Willingham Horticulture and Craft Show. Instead, our Virtual Horticulture and Craft Show gives the opportunity to our enterprising gardeners and crafters to share with us pictures and relate anecdotes of their efforts during the summer, albeit without the opportunity to win an award or gain a trophy for the sideboard. The Gardening Club is indebted to those who have submitted pictures and anecdotes.



Rodney Scarle says,

I first exhibited at the show when we lived in Longstanton. This would have been during the 1980s. I won some rosettes for my carrots. An aged Willingham resident came up to me and asked how I managed to grow nice carrots. I said, quite simply, that I just had good soil in my Longstanton garden. “Ah!” he said. “That explains it. You live on that high ground”.