Gallery, Extras and Corrections

In this section we will be including colour or higher resolution versions of some of the photos included in the current issue of Willingham News magazine. From time to time we may also include items which had to be left out of the magazine due to lack of space. This page will also have any corrections to errors in the magazine not spotted before printing.

April 2019

In this months extras we have two items that could not be included in the magazine due to lack of space.



New fencing at the Westmeadow Allotments

Improvements at the Willingham Social Club




Willingham Combined Charity

Improvements to Westmeadow Allotments – Sue Ayling

Growing vegetables can be a great gamble with forces always seeming  to conspire against you!

One real problem the allotment holders had at Westmeadow was seeing their produced disappear overnight due in part to some four legged friends! The only thing left to the Charity was to consider fencing in the site. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get outside funding the Charity decided to fund it themselves.

As you can imagine a lot of clearing had to be done before the contractor could even get on site so towards the end of 2018, Pete Cornish and Brian Jarvis set about clearing bushes, brambles and unfortunately the odd tree: they were like men possessed! They were brilliant

On 2nd December 2018, in rolled Alec Stancome with his team of three that included his daughter plus all their equipment. I cannot praise them highly enough; they have left us with very substantial fencing that goes around the site; about 340 metres. The work took about a week and Alec very kindly left us with some wire and posts which has allowed us to do some gates.

The Charity would very much like to say a big thank you to Alec and his team, also to Pete and Brian, who do such a lot for the allotment holders, in their own time and for free, they are making such a difference.

Me…what did I do? I provided the occasion cake!!



Pete: “Brian, it does not line up!”

Brian: Could that be for a gate Pete?”




Brian, Alec and Pete…I just hope Pete was wearing his glasses whilst measuring up. Judging by the look on Brian’s face I am not too sure!



Just waiting for the gate to go in at this near end so Ally can walk from his house straight onto his allotment!







Improvements at the Social Club

We are pleased to announce that the building work at the club to provide accessible toilet facilities is now complete.

The completion of this work has not only provided us with a toilet facility suitable for all, but has also given us the opportunity to add baby changing facilities and an upgraded boiler room. Additionally, a new improved stage area with the help of Willingham Jam Club, which is further ongoing.

This project was made possible mainly by proceeds from the beer festival held last September, grants from The National Lottery ,The Parish Council ,The Fen Edge Community Association Group, Willingham WI, Willingham Carpet Bowls, Willingham Gardening Club and various Buffs Lodges.The fundraising by our members and the support that  the village has given W.S.C.

The committee would like to thank all of the above for their continued support and patience whilst the work was underway.