Covid19 – keeping residents safe

What is important? How should we act?

Although many may not get infected, and many who do may only have mild symptoms, we should treat Covid19 very, very seriously.

We all want to protect ourselves and our families but in this case we must do everything to protect others as well, especially those who are in the high risk group as they have a much greater chance of serious illness.

There are other reasons why we must all do as the government recommends and do it now for if cases should increase rapidly and peak soon there would be much greater pressure on the NHS, commerce and industry would be hit harder and many, not be able to go to work, would suffer financial hardship. We may face school closures which would put an extra burden on parents.

The aim is to slow the spread and number of infections as much as possible.

The virus can linger on hard surfaces for up to three days, less on soft surfaces. You may become infected if someone with the virus coughs on you but it’s possible most infections arise when you touch an infected surface and then touch your mouth or eyes, the latter being very susceptible to infection.

Guard our own spaces, if you are at work, shopping or having a coffee perhaps the last thing to do before going to your car is to wash your hands. When you get home the first thing to do is wash your hands. If you do have to cough or sneeze then do it with a tissue covering your face and dispose of the tissue in a bin.

We all tend to touch our faces unconsciously but it’s better if you can avoid this – unless you wash your hands thoroughly first.

For most people it’s possible the risk of serious illness may be 1 in 100 or even 1 in 1000, but for the old and vulnerable it could be as high as 1 in 5. Please do all you can to protect others.

The potential risks are well illustrated by the situation in Italy with sixteen million people facing restrictions on travel from their home area, schools are closed and many events cancelled.

Please follow the guidelines to protect others.