Willingham News is a monthly village magazine delivered to 1850 homes The magazine is A4 format with 24 pages, black and white apart from the front and back covers in colour. Seven complete black and white pages inside the magazine,  plus the coloured back cover are devoted solely to permanent advertisements. These advertisements, paid in advance run in the 12 issues from January to December.


All the permanent advertising slots for 2019 are taken. If you are interested in getting a permanent advertisement included in the 2020 issues please contact us by the end of October this year.

The prices shown below are those for 2019 and are for guidance only as far as 2020 goes.

If you want to get an advert in the magazine this year there are always the one off, single issue entries (see below).



Pricing for 2019

Prices for the 12 issues January to December 2019

Size & ColourFull year
12 issues
1/2 page B&W£695
1/4 page B&W£347
1/4 page Colour£540
1/8 page B&W£190
1/16 page B&W£117


One off, single issue, adverts in the two smallest sizes only, may be inserted along with the main editorial content where space permits, at the editors discretion.


Prices for a single issue during 2019

Size & ColourMonthly
single issue
1/8 page B&W£28
1/16 page B&W£17



Advertisement sizing and formats

Artworks should be supplied as Microsoft Word or PDF files of correct dimensions, shown below.

Height x Width
1/2 page132 x 190
1/4 page132 x 91
1/8 page65 x 91
1/16 page30 x 91



Free and discounted advertising

Advertising may be included free of charge in the News for events that are from non-profit making groups, e.g. in aid of Charity or where the event makes no charge for entry.

A 50% discount rate is applicable for non-commercial groups, events and services where there is a charge to participate e.g. courses. Both are at the discretion of the Advertising Coordinator.



All our delivery team are volunteers, so Willingham News cannot accept separate advertising flyers for delivery with the magazine. An economical service is provided by the Royal Mail to do this.


For more information on advertising in Willingham News or to receive a booking form please use the Contact form below.



Contact the Advertising Coordinator