Something for our Ecowarriors!

Now that we are confined to our homes there are two fascinating programmes you might want to watch. The first is both fun to watch and rather educational and run by Gregg Wallace from Masterchef and follows celebrities having a dinner party and looking at the cost to the planet of what they eat.

You need to search on Catch up for the BBC Horizon ‘Feast to Save the Planet.’ It is a must see.

The second, you’ll need to search for the Sky documentary called ‘Plastic Nile’ showing the horrific plastic contamination and the damage it does to both fish and humans. Both programmes should be available for a while.

One thought on “Something for our Ecowarriors!

  1. As part of WAG, can we also do something closer to home?
    Those daily walks round the village have shown just how much litter is dropped and apart from being an eyesore, causes horrific injuries to our already declining wildlife.
    I carry a plastic bag in my pocket and pick up any “circular” items – hair bands, plastic bottle tops, postal elastic bands and discarded masks – particularly unpleasant. A short 1/2 hour walk usually yields several hair bands, up to a dozen postal elastic bands and several masks. Understandably, a few get dropped accidentally – but not that many. This is not about blaming and shaming so maybe a village campaign to highlight this issue could be considered for when we can all get to do these things again. In the meantime, it would be great if everyone walking around the village could also collect these things, as I’m sure some already do. Anything circular has to be cut before disposal as they end up as landfill where exposure there causes the same danger to wildlife.

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