3 thoughts on “Plastics Pledge

  1. Many thanks for the link to the different types of plastics used in packaging. I did not know those facts. I shall be much more vigilant about my shopping and usage of plastics at home.

  2. This sounds like a very good initiative. We already try to reduce use of singe use plastics, but this is a timely reminder. Currently there are 4 of us in the household, and we all will take part in this challenge.

  3. Here are some great ideas for helping you in your plastics free challenge, recommended by local people who use them
    https://smolproducts.com/ This company produces concentrated eco friendly laundry products that can be delivered to your door, they have excellent reviews.
    Another is a really local business
    It’s a community refill station and zero waste shop still operating under lockdown but check out their facebook page first. Also supporting your local small businesses

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