Help provide scrubs for the NHS!

This is a local project that is being led by Megan Parker and working with Sew and Sew. The Scrubs Sewing Society was set up in response to the need for scrubs in our local hospitals. Many of us want to contribute in a practical way to help in the fight against COVID-19; unfortunately, many of us cannot sew scrubs, so we’ve set up a scheme where you can sponsor the making of high quality scrubs that will withstand rigorous laundering. 

Julie and Naomi, the lovely ladies at Sew & Sew in Willingham, are going to make scrubs on behalf of those of us who cannot sew, so we can collectively provide scrubs to our frontline workers in the NHS. You can sponsor the making of scrubs through a donation – all donations will be put towards the making of scrubs, including the purchase of materials and fabric. To give you an idea of costs, one set of scrubs (a tunic and trousers) costs £14.50 – but any sizes of donations are accepted and welcomed 🙂 You can donate by going to their giving page 

Scrubs Sewing Society organized by Megan Parker

We plan to collect donations for as long as the need for scrubs is there. Any remaining donations left over once this need dwindles will be split evenly & given to local hospital charities in the efforts to get our NHS trusts back to normality post-Corona virus.

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