Post – Getting help during the Pandemic

For those at greater risk and who should stay within their home here is information on what is happening in Willingham.
A group of volunteers have been working on the scheme for the village and have recruited people from various parts of Willingham to take telephone calls from those who can’t leave the house and are in need of food or medication – for medication see later. You should have received a leaflet through the letterbox with details of the phone number you should call for help with getting provisions and details of how the scheme will work.
Other volunteers will then get what you need to your front door. If you need a doctor’s appointment you can book online for a telephone consultation or phone for an appointment but please don’t go to the surgery if you think you may be suffering from Covid-19. If you need medication or repeat prescriptions then Willingham Pharmacy will deliver medicines to you only if the item is a controlled substance. For most people you can collect your prescription but if you can’t leave the house a volunteer will deliver it. The volunteer service will be available in a few days from now.

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