Roadworks – Station Road

There is a sign warning of roadworks on Station Road from July 16. These are on the bend as you leave the village towards Longstanton where new houses are being built on the left. For some reason these roadworks are not shown on the Highways Agency map so there are no more details at present.

District Councillor Surgeries

Your new District Councillors, Dawn Percival from Willingham and Bill Handley from Over, will make themselves available to offer help and advice, chat and listen to your views or problems at the Ploughman Hall from 11 am until noon on Saturday July 28.

The following surgery will be in October. Please come along on July 28 and use this opportunity to meet your District Councillors.

WAG needs volunteers!

Willingham Action Group has instigated many improvements to our village life. Working with the Parish Council we helped with purchase and design of the play equipment by the Ploughman Hall. WAG volunteers planted 1300 trees around the village and in the Community Orchard. In the past we have organised litter picking, started several social groups and each year we coordinate the Feast events. These things are just a small sample of all we do but we want to do more and for that we need more volunteers. As a volunteer you might give a few hours once a year running the bar at the Fen Gallop, alternatively you could join our Environment Group and spend many hours helping maintain the orchard – the fruit is free! It’s your choice as to how much you do, and when. 

Our volunteers become great friends and we have our own WAG social lives. If you want to join us or want more information please contact us here