The Horticultural Show

Willingham Horticultural Show will take place on Saturday 31 August at Willingham School. All profits to Cambridge Cancer Research. 
Donations of good quality books and plants for the stalls would be appreciated as would cakes for the afternoon refreshments. The Show’s afternoon teas are popular thanks to the lovely cakes available. The WI once again has taken up the challenge of organising the refreshments for this event.
Please arrange to take all entries to the Primary School on Saturday morning only (for times see below). Any donated items can be taken to the School on Friday evening or Saturday morning.
• 8 30 am – 10 45 am Staging of Exhibits
• 11 00 am – 1 00 pm Judging
• 1 30 pm – 3 30 pm Open for Viewing
• 3 30 pm – 3 45 pm Prize Giving
• 3 45 pm – 4 00 pm Removal of Exhibits
• 4 00 pm – 4 30 pm Grand Auction of Produce
• 4 30 pm Raffle
Entries are accepted from everyone. Contact Carol Bailey 01954 260794 if you have any queries.

District Council Surgeries

Our District Councillors, Bill Handley and Dawn Percival, will be available for any parishioners to come along, meet, and raise any concerns they have. The next surgery will take place on Saturday September 9th at the Ploughman Hall, West Fen Road, Willingham from 11am to 1pm. Please attend if you have any issues relating to your parish.

WAG Needs Volunteers

Willingham Action Group has instigated many improvements to our village life. Working with the Parish Council we helped with purchase and design of the play equipment by the Ploughman Hall. WAG volunteers planted 1300 trees around the village and in the Community Orchard. In the past we have organised litter picking, started several social groups and each year we coordinate the Feast events. These things are just a small sample of all we do but we want to do more and for that we need more volunteers. As a volunteer you might give a few hours once a year running the bar at the Fen Gallop, alternatively you could join our Environment Group and spend many hours helping maintain the orchard – the fruit is free! It’s your choice as to how much you do, and when. 
Our volunteers become great friends and we have our own WAG social lives. If you want to join us or want more information please contact us here

Would you like to dance?

Teresa Weston is hoping to gauge interest in starting a Willingham Dance Club so if you are one of those who love ‘Strictly’ and would like to join a group to dance and with the possibility of having lessons then please contact her. There is much more detail in the January 2019 Willingham News, page 7.