Protect yourself from scams!

You may have seen Look East last night where they reported on people who had lost thousands of pounds to scammers. These criminals prey on the most vulnerable so we need to spread the word to everybody. I get several phone calls a week from someone stating that they are from Microsoft and they have detected a fault on my computer. I put the phone down immediately although sometimes I ask them for the internet address of my computer, then they put the phone down immediately! Many scams are much more sophisticated; essentially you should never part with any money or any personal or banking details. For more information go to the Cambridgeshire Police information pages on scams

Welcome to Willingham!

On January 25 South Cambridgeshire District Council agreed a new boundary line between Willingham and Over. This means that the properties around Highgate Farm and those to the West of Haden Way are now part of Willingham. It has always seemed strange that being situated on the immediate edge of Willingham they were within the Over Parish when Over Village is several miles away! Welcome.

Tiggers playgroup

Unfortunately Tiggers closed recently after a decade of providing a drop-in playgroup for parents and young people. It ran on Wednesday mornings between 10 am and 11.30 am. It closed needing a new venue and more volunteer help. Willingham Youth Trust want to see if they can re-start this group but would need volunteers to help with setting up and clearing away and making teas, coffee, etc. Volunteers are needed just once a month for three hours or so. Please contact us via this site if you can help.