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We are sad not to be able to produce and deliver paper copies of Willingham News currently because of Government restrictions, but glad that it’s available to read here. Please send us your contributions for the next and future issues.

You can email articles, anecdotes and photos to willinghamnews@gmail.com and online all your photos will be able to appear in colour! It would be great to hear from some of the children in the village too with stories and pictures.

The deadline for contributions for the July issue it will be 15 June. If you just click the mouse on the image of the June Willingham News – to the right it will automatically download a pdf version and you can scroll downwards through the June issue.

Willingham Horticultural Show 2020 and Covid-19

Sadly, the Willingham Horticultural & Craft Show committee has decided to postpone this year’s Show due to the impracticality of maintaining the government guidance on social distancing within the confines of the Primary School halls, our usual venue. It is envisaged that the social distancing rules will be in place for some considerable time and we cannot risk the health of all those who help us run the Show and the exhibitors, many of whom fall into the high risk group of contacting the Covid-19 virus. The Show has been running in its present form since the mid-1980’s with the Willingham Gardening Club responsible for the organisation since 1992. Our committee is ably supported in the running of the Show by other village organisations and volunteer judges and stewards.

The Show committee would like to thank everyone who has supported the Show in one way or another over the years to keep this annual village event going.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to join us for the Show next year.

Stay Safe – Willingham Gardening Club

Bee Swarms

If you have, or know of, a swarm of bees that may cause problems the Willingham Bee Group will be happy to collect and remove swarms.

Please phone Steve on  07795 215071 for help.  This applies to Willingham and other nearby villages. There is no charge but if you wish to make a donation it will be gratefully accepted. For villages further afield please contact the CBKA website for help.

Help provide scrubs for the NHS!

This is a local project that is being led by Megan Parker and working with Sew and Sew. The Scrubs Sewing Society was set up in response to the need for scrubs in our local hospitals. Many of us want to contribute in a practical way to help in the fight against COVID-19; unfortunately, many of us cannot sew scrubs, so we’ve set up a scheme where you can sponsor the making of high quality scrubs that will withstand rigorous laundering. 

Julie and Naomi, the lovely ladies at Sew & Sew in Willingham, are going to make scrubs on behalf of those of us who cannot sew, so we can collectively provide scrubs to our frontline workers in the NHS. You can sponsor the making of scrubs through a donation – all donations will be put towards the making of scrubs, including the purchase of materials and fabric. To give you an idea of costs, one set of scrubs (a tunic and trousers) costs £14.50 – but any sizes of donations are accepted and welcomed 🙂 You can donate by going to their giving page 

Scrubs Sewing Society organized by Megan Parker

We plan to collect donations for as long as the need for scrubs is there. Any remaining donations left over once this need dwindles will be split evenly & given to local hospital charities in the efforts to get our NHS trusts back to normality post-Corona virus.

Local Heroes

We are all aware of the heroes in the NHS, Care Homes, Supermarkets, Local Councils, etc. who continue to do their jobs for our benefit despite the risk to themselves and how we applaud them each Thursday.

Please also remember the local heroes, the dozens of volunteers in Willingham, organised by Katya, Stephi and Bill, who are getting food and medicines to all those residents who need to stay at home during this difficult time. Thank you all.

Ordering from supermarkets

Ocado are only taking registered customers. Waitrose are giving priority slots to clinically extremely vulnerable, you can register on the government website if you think you are in this category, Waitrose direct you to this site when you try to book a slot. You can register your parents. I tried to book a slot with Tesco but there appeared to be no available slots.

Information sent by Ann Watson

Getting help during the Pandemic

For those at greater risk and who should stay within their home here is information on what is happening in Willingham.

A group of volunteers have been working on the scheme for the village and have recruited people from various parts of Willingham to take telephone calls from those who can’t leave the house and are in need of food or medication – for medication see later. You should have received a leaflet through the letterbox with details of the phone number you should call for help with getting provisions and details of how the scheme will work.

Other volunteers will then get what you need to your front door. If you need a doctor’s appointment you can book online for a telephone consultation or phone for an appointment but please don’t go to the surgery if you think you may be suffering from Covid-19. If you need medication or repeat prescriptions then Willingham Pharmacy will deliver medicines to you only if the item is a controlled substance. For most people you can collect your prescription but if you can’t leave the house a volunteer will deliver it. The volunteer service will be available in a few days from now.

Beware of Scams

Please be aware that during this difficult time scammers can be even more active. The scams involve offers of money from the Government to help you, asking for donations to help fight the virus, offers to buy protective equipment, and much more. Please be very wary about communications you receive that are related to the current epidemic as thieves are using it as an excuse. Always check the authenticity of everything before you give your money.